Ice Cream Temperatures

For consistent flavors and texture keep frozen desserts at the same temperature. Place frozen desserts at the back of the freezer, and keep freezer door closed as much as possible. Never place warm items straight from a heat source into the freezer, this will cause the freezer temperature to rise for a long period of time.



Type of Frozen Dessert Storing Serving
Ice Cream -23°C -5°F – 0 °F 6-10°F
Gelato -13°C 5°F
Sorbet -30°C -20 °F or lower -10°C 15°F
Sherbet -23°C 0 °F 6-10°F

The more that a product is taken out and softened, allowed to melt, means that the formation of larger ice crystals will reform upon refreezing. The larger crystal size will eventually make the product have a grainy or lumpy texture. By keeping frozen products at the ideal storing temperatures the product life is elongated while maintaining its integrity. for a long period of time.