Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft serve ice cream is used in many restaurants, amusement parks and cafeterias. Soft serve ice cream machines have many different parts to make this delicious treat available to the public. These parts include an evaporator, belts and pulleys, reducer, motor, condenser, fan and compressor. Bellows, pins, rings, beaters, pistons and handles, are used for the outside dispensing part of the machine.  The liquefied ice cream is poured in through the top of the reservoir and is whipped by internal fan blades. The ice cream is cooled to the proper freezing temperature as the blades whip air into the liquid. Once the ice cream has enough overrun the gears spin inside the machine and the ice cream is sucked from the bottom, adding air to the top. Once the mix is ready to go it is pushed into a barre and ready to serve. This soft serve ice cream is unlike its scooped counterpart because of its ice crystals. The smaller the ice crystals the softer the ice cream is. Large ice crystals will result in harder ice cream. Soft serve ice cream mixers can be used with water or milk recipes. The form, flavor, and shape of the ice crystals depends on the ingredients in the recipe.