International Ice Cream

Ice cream is not just an American delicacy. Countries all over the world delight in this yummy treat. Flavors and names very upon the geographical location. For instance, in Asian countries tea flavors, banana, mango and rosewater are among the most common flavors.  Round pastel ice cream balls called Moochi are a popular dessert. In South America, citrus flavors are top of the chart. Exotic flavors like Dulce de Leche, and pineapple are a favorite. Dondurma is the Turkish/Greek name for ice cream. This ice cream is resistant to melting due to the inclusion of salep, made from orchid root, which provides the signature chewy texture. Spaghettis, in Germany has a variety of ice cream flavors and sauces that look like pasta. Ice cream is extruded from a press and topped with strawberry sauce and shredded white chocolate.  Deep fried ice cream is also a new way to indulge in ice cream. A ball of ice cream is rolled in coconut and placed in a fryer. Once the coconut flakes are a deep golden color and crispy the ice cream is pulled out and placed on a plate for eating.